Boat Launch -Ramp

Fees and Procedure:

Summer Season:


Get $5 Credit with paid $15 Fee at bar.  Go to bar before launching and place "card" in your front window. 

9pm-10am:  Pay $10 at Drop Box when you fill out Info Card and put in drop box.  Nothing goes in your front window.

Season Pass: Purchase 15 anytime launches ($150, no resort credit). Get 15 cards, and place one in the drop box each time you visit.(saves time filling out info form). Nothing goes on your dashboard. You do not need to sign in if you are using the same auto, boat and trailer. If different, we need you to sign in.

Please note: We are a Private Launch that is open to the public, but we do not meet WI Statue NR 1.91(7), and we are not a "Public Boating Access Provider".  Thus, we not under their jurisdiction and we our fees are not regulated. (6-2-17 Christine Halbur, DNR Field Supervisor).

Winter Season:  

$5 Launch Fee. Place money in envelope and place in drop box.

Parking & Pets:

All boat and trailer parking is located on the South backside of the red-white garage (along Kettle Moraine Lane). Be sure to pull all the way in so you at least 6' off the roadway.  You will get a ticket if you are closer than 6' or between the no parking sign and roadway.  Tiki Beach Resort only allows pets at the boat ramp, whereby, pets are allowed to play in the water and on the first pier. No pets are allowed anywhere else on the property. NO TRAILER PARKING IN LOTS! YOU WILL BE TOWED.

When You Arrive: Sign In

If we are open: 

1st     Go to Bar, pay and SIGN IN to avoid being ticketed.  We need your name, auto, boat type and color, and your telephone number.

2nd    We give you a card to put on your front window dashboard.  

3rd     Launch Boat

If we are not open: 

Go to Fee Box, fill out card and place into box with $10 fee. No card needed in window.

More Info & Links

Wake Lake Hours

Fast boating 7 day per week 10am-6pm 

On Wednesdays until sundown.

Lake Rules

30mph speed limit

Boat in counter clockwise direction

Stay 200' from shoreline 

Boat around the island in non weed lane

Click her for DNR info